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All GreyCell products are sourced from local organic growers before processing.

We do not harvest from wild sources, and we support local farmers and communities by enabling them to grow and supply our raw products.

We encourage local communities to expand their product range and assist them in some of the challenges they face to acquire the knowledge and skill required.

The GreyCell suppliers take part in research and development, so our customers can be assured at all times of the high quality of our products lines.
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Our Philosophy
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What's New @ GreyCell
Essential oils from Africa. These are available in limited quantities and capture the essence of this continent.
Anti-Bacterial, Fungal and Viral
Safe for all ages
MCC Registered products
Used by Researchers World -Wide
Easy to apply and use
100% Organic-Based Products
Manufactured following Best Practice
Backed by Published Research
Wide range of Use & Indication
No Microbeads in any GreyCell Products
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GreyCell Group 2017
Frontiers in Ozone Therapy California, November 2017
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