The GreyCell Group comprises of GreyCell Technical Services, GreyCell Enterprises, GreyCell Advantage and our Research area, The-O-Zone & GreyCell Ozone.

Founded in 2005, GreyCell Enterprises is primarily a design, formulation and production company using ozonated plant extracts to manufacture a range of pure oils, oils in capsules, oils in wax-gels, and a range of skin creams and trans-dermal gels.

Dr Julian Holmes has been researching plant and vegetable oils that have been treated with ozone gas for over 20 years. He has published over 70 articles and papers on ozone and health care. Specific formulations and mixes of oils are produced for clients in various markets.

All GreyCell Enterprises' products are 100% organic grown or sourced from sustainable wild harvest areas. Where we source products from co-operatives or farms, we use Fair Trade practices. Our packaging and containers can be recycled, and they are bio-degradable & compostable. Our products are all MCC Registered in South Africa as Complimentary Health Care products or Nutritional Supplements, and we use plant extracts in various formulations for their naural healing effect.
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Anti-Bacterial, Fungal and Viral
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MCC Registered products
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Pro-Balm Lip-Salve
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