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Microbeads, found in many skin creams, face products, toothpastes - just about everything - have become big news around the world.

"Over 680 tonnes of mircrobeads are used in the UK alone every year. That's substantially more than all of the litter picked up on UK beaches in voluntary beach cleans each year, so it's not a trivial quantity."

As an example a plate of six oysters can contain up to 50 particles of plastic. Take care at oyster festivals!

More than 280 marine species have been found to ingest microplastics, but the report said much more research was needed into plastic pollution because there was huge uncertainty about the ecological risk.

GreyCell would like to reassure all our clients that we do not use Microbeads. All GreyCell products are 100% organic, and MCC Registered & Approved.
For more information on microbeads, use this link.
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No Microbeads in any GreyCell Products
ProCalm Active SkinGel calms anxienty, sooths away stress, and allows natural sleep.
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