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Frontiers in Ozone Therapy 2016
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New Frontiers in Ozone Therapy 2017: Ancona September 22 to 24, 2017
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Module 3, Day 5
Day 5; Workshop & Hands-On Clinical Demonstrations of Prolozone, The OxyPin, Pro-Med Ozone unit on clients. Integrating these new technologies into your Practice. Suggested Pricing and Treatment Fees. Discussion and Q&A with the team. Device availability and distribution; GreyCell Product Range and Uses.

Days 4&5 are also suitable for cosmetic therapists and clinicians who want to offer PRP and the OxyPin to their clients.
Module 1, Day 1 April 3rd
Module 1, Day 2 April 4th
Module 1, Day 3 April 5th
Module 2, Day 4 April 6th
Module 3, Day 5 April 7th
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