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November 4th-7th, 2016: Santa Barbara, California
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Training - Why Training is Important! - Video 01
February 17th-19th, 2017: Palo Alto, California
May 26th-28th, 2017: Tablisi, Georgia.
June 2nd-3rd, 2017: Madrid, Spain.
September 22nd-24th, 2017: Acona, Italy.
April 3rd-7th, 2017: Mullingar, Republic Of Ireland.
Advanced Care with OxyPin; Introductory Video 03
Introduction to Courses from GreyCell - Video 02
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Courses from GreyCell
Advanced Care with OxyPin; Training Video 03
Introductory Video, San Francisco February 2017
April 3rd-5th; Module 1
April 6th; Module 2
April 7th; Module 3
Introductory Video, Mullingar ROI April 2017
GreyCell Group 2017
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April 3rd-7th, 2017: Mullingar, Republic Of Ireland-Introductory Video.
April 3rd-7th, 2017: Come To Ireland Video.